Sunridge 09.30.07

Worship Services
Sunday Mornings 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Located at: 42299 Winchester Road
Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: 951.296.1770


Worship 4/5
Friendliness 4/5
Sermon 3/5
Theological Content 3/5
Evangelistic 4/5
Facility 5/5

I actually drove past the building on the first pass and upon driving back I realized why, the sign on the front of the church was very difficult to read. They had a section of parking spaces directly in front of the entrance that was reserved for visitors so it made it very easy to park and find my way to the sanctuary. Once inside I was greeted by a very sharply dressed Hispanic man that was very friendly that seemed to emanate the joy of Christ.
The congregation was very large and the worship music was good. I would describe it as "contemporary"worship. The congreagation was engaged in singing and worshiping which is always something that impacts the whole. The bass player was a little more "active" than I would prefer. His rock style movements drew my attention repeatedly and was the only distraction that I remember.
I happened to pick a day to visit when the main pastor was out of town. So, although I didn't get to hear the preaching that you might here if you visit, the man that was preaching was Executive Pastor Britt Sipe. I would describe his style more along the lines of "teaching" than I would "preaching". I appreciated the fact that he called the "dysfunctions" that we inherited from Adam "sin". Too often preachers shy away from mentioning sin. His sermon was thorough and understandable. The only negative, or should I say constructive, criticism that I had was his "bit" at the beginning where he compared the Senior Pastor to Chuck Norris. It was "corny". I also felt that at times he was speaking extremely slow but maybe it was just me. It is difficult for men to stand in the pulpit on occasion verses every Sunday so I will give him some grace in that area.
If you are looking for a family church that has a variety of ministries for all ages and a desire to reach the lost then may want to visit Sunridge.